Well done! You found me! I'm Tori, an illustrator and printmaker who is trying to find a way to share all her crazy creative ideas with others. Whether it's prints, illustration or other crafty creations, there is always inky and messy things going on in this girl's world.



plus p&p


Grab yourself one of my Highland Coo milk jugs for only £28 plus p&p. They are each hand painted and then my wild illustration is added on top. His wild head decorates the front of the jug whilst his curly bottom is on the back. Each one is hand drawn so can vary slightly from the ones shown in the picture but they all have their own unique character and personality. Dimensions are 13cm x 8cm x 7cm. For only an extra £5 I can add custom text to one side saying 'straight from [NAME]'s dairy', just send me an email with your requirements.

 P&P is £3.50. Each jug is signed underneath and will be wrapped up in a box  so it gets to you safely.